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that the brisket was dry. [laughter] and now, the greatest insult of all. >> obama will make his first trip to israel as president. >> the white house hasn't released details of his trip but israeli media says he's visiting this spring. >> stephen: oh, so now obama thinks he can wipe out his shameful record of never visiting israel by visiting israel. [laughter] it's a chonda! don't fall for it, my chosen brethren, my he-bros. [laughter] he doesn't get you. [cheers and applause] this man doesn't get it. israel is a divided country that feels beseiged by terrorists, and whose politics are increasingly dictated by a small, hard-right minority. obama can't relate to that! [laughter] and if you need more proof that the president is no friend of israel, just do the math: back in 2007, president bush supported israel with $2.3 billion in foreign military aid. this year, president obama wants to bring that down to just $3.1 billion. [laughter] i know, it looks like it's going up, but remember, in hebrew you read charts from right to left. [cheers and applause] all right? [cheers and applause] and
are at the moment. >> thank you very much. we can now in go to our top story, barack obama's trip to the middle east, his first trip to israel and the west bank as president and he started off on the israeli side and crossed over for a few hours in ramala. i believe we can bring in nicole andston who is in ramala she has been following the president's trip. tell us what is happening so far. >> the two leaders have had a meeting and they have also had lunch. they met for an hour and a half. we are expecting a press conference to start anytime soon. three mainy to be things. to free settlement construction , the 1967 lines, and the freeman release of palestinian political leaders. but the chances of getting these kinds of push out of the u.s. to put pressure on israel does seem are very remote. of it is believed that some this charm offensive is trying to win over the israeli public to try to get their trust, tube held their trust -- two build their trust is to put together process.e pr we won't know until president obama speaks in jerusalem later today. he will be speaking to israeli students. he sai
. for more on president obama's trip, i am joined now by the former jordanian former minister, and i want to pick up where we left off. president obama went to israel with an 11% approval rating. during the charm offensive the past couple days, he has probably improved his standing amongst the israeli people. does that matter in terms of the peace process? pretty well ifid his objective was to have a charm offensive. i think he did pretty well in speaking to the israelis about their needs of security, particularly not just related to the peace process but iran as well. but i think there is a key phrase the president used, you must create the change that you want to see. i think that is a phrase that can be applied not just to the palestinians and the israelis but the u.s. itself. if the u.s. is not creating the change it wants to see, i am afraid the two parties on the messages,erful as the simply does not have the time or the will to do that in the short time that we have before the to- state solution dies. >> critics of president obama said he has given fantastic speeches, and we heard
channel 2 news at noon. we'll have more to president obama's trip to the east, criticism of israel and also how he handled that heckler when he was talking to university students. we're always here for you at thanks for joining us. have a great day. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. it is time for videos "right this minute." >>> update on the deputy involved in what -- >> looks like a road rage incident. >> a sheriff's deputy from north carolina. >> meet the driver that called 911
to president obama's trip to the holy land. this is a message from. those in the gaza strip-remember us. the rockets did little physical damage. no one was injured or killed but the symbolic damage was significant. the rockets broke the very fragle cease fire that has been in place for four or five months since the november war, but most importantly reminds the world israel faces to different challenges in the path to peace. one in with the palestinian authority, and ham mass -- hamas that refuses to recognize israel's right to exist. >> shepard: part of the credit is given to this iron dome system that the u.s. helped with. is it getting credit for this one? reporter: well, the iron dome antimissile system doesn't appear to be in southern israel so they didn't intercept any rockets from gaza. there wasn't much in the way of damage but yesterday president obama got a first-hand look at one the iron dome systems that was brought for his visit. the dome was the real star of the war in november, destroying most of hamas rockets during the war. reportedly israel officials have moved some of
today the mood was sunny and the talk was tough. president barack obama on his first official trip to israel since being elected in 2008. steve handelsman, the leaders called each other by their first names which observers say it was a good sign. >> reporter: looked like a love fest, janelle. that seems to suit both leaders. you could hardly tell that the president and the prime minister had a falling out over iran. they praised one another and seemed to agree at least in public about the military option. president obama reassured israelis terrified of iran getting nuclear weapons that if diplomacy fails, using force is possible. >> all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu sounded pleased. >> that sums up our common view. >> reporter: no more questioning obama resolve. >> i'm absolutely convinced that the president is determined to prevent iran from getting nuclears. >> reporter: the president had gotten a warm welcome. netanyahu under pressure to end their public sparring. >>
on mark jacobs. >> a gaffe in president obama's trip to israel. things started off bumpy when the president's limo broke down. the reason? it was filled with diesel rather than regular gas. a replacement limo is being brought in from jordan. what do you think? is this karma? >> i got to say if you gas up the car to go somewhere, don't you gait up before the trip? don't you think th
. the u.s. counts as israel's most powerful ally, but this is obama's first trip to the country since he took office. >> to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between our nations, to restate america's unwavering commitment to israel's security, and to speak directly to the people of israel and to your neighbors. >> the israeli government hopes washington can help tackle the region's most pressing challenges. the upheavals triggered by the arabs spring have increased political instability, and the threat of iran's nuclear program is ever present, but not everyone is happy to see obama. palestinians in the occupied west bank and here on the gaza strip have been protesting. >> obama's visit shows that the u.s. is providing legitimacy and support to the occupation of our land. >> obama is scheduled to travel to the west bank and jordan before leaving the region on saturday. >> let's cross over now live to our correspondent, who is covering the president's visit for us. barack obama and benjamin netanyahu have not enjoyed the warmest of relationships. how did they come across at the press conferen
members in the future. >>> we reported at the top of newscast will president obama's trip to israel and while speaking with reporter addressed reports of chemical weapons being used in syria's civil war. more from alex marquart. >> chaos in the hospital. men women and children on respirators as family members wailed. in this brutal war, this appears tomatoes have bee to h. a rocket slammed into a neighborhood in alepo held by the syrian army. >> i felt my chest close. i couldn't breathe or speak this little girl cried. i lost my mother, father and brother. the syrian regime accused the rebels of launching the rock o coat and called for an international investigation. the rebels blame the regime. israel said today there is no doubt chemical weapons were used in the attack but president obama tonight wasn't so quick to agree. >> we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happened. >> reporter: it does not appear that the chemical in question was one of those most fear ared in the arsenal. mustard gas or the deadly nerve agent viex and sarin. president obama did say he was deeply
on president obama's trip to the region live from jerusalem. >>> the united nations is going to launch an investigation into whether chemical weapons were indeed used in syria. both the syrian regime and the opposition asked the u.n. to look into the claim. >> the demand came after both sides accused each other of firing chemical weapons on tuesday. opposition groups insist rebels don't have access to such material. >> and u.s. officials saying they welcome the move. >>> first up, north korea's new and threatening message. pyongyang warning today it has the capability to strike u.s. bases in guam and japan. >> matthew chance joining us now from seoul, south korea. matthew, is this north korea's typical bluster or something more ominous here? >> it's really difficult to say, fredricka, because it's such an unpredictable regime. but what we do know is these threats are being made all the time now. there's a lot of tension that's been growing on the korean peninsula, tension that is being fueled by the statement that are increasingly coming out of pyongyang. barely a day can pass it seems
eric dyson in for ed schultz. president obama makes his first trip to israel and gets caught at an open mic. the love gov makes a comeback in south carolina, and march madness hits the white house. >>> but tonight, i start with washington dropping the ball on protecting our children. >>> this is "the ed show," and as ed would say, let's get to work. >>> it was supposed to change everything. the massacre at sandy hook elementary school was brutal and horrific, it shook us to our core but out of the tragedy, there was a hope something could get done. we americans believe this was the event that would prompt our lawmakers to finally act, yet this is the cover of today's "new york daily news," shame on us. the faces of the murdered 20 children of the elementary school students in newtown, connecticut, surrounding those words. this is how a paper in the nation's largest city is reacting to news of the assaults weapon ban being dropped. it was announced tuesday that the ban, introduced by dianne feinstein of california, was getting dropped from a larger gun safety package because the votes we
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with friends like these, well, president obama arrived in israel to day. it was his first trip there as president. everything seemed rosey for a little while between him and benjamin netanyahu. >> and just as we have for these past 65 years, the united states is proud to stand with you as your strongest ally and your greatest friend. >> i want to thank you for the investment you have made in our relationship and in strengthening the friendship and alliance between our two countries. >> sounded so perfect. but then -- later in the day things changed. >> iran is a grave threat to israel, a grave threat to the world, a nuclear iran. the united states is committed to dealing with it. >> each country has to make its own decisions when it comes to the awesome decision to engage in any kind of military action. and israel is differently situated than the united states. >> it's interesting to watch each of their faces during that particular exchange. not just the one talking but the one not happy with what the other one was saying. so where exactly does this relationship stand right aft
you. >>> all day long, stay with nbc for complete coverage of president obama's historic trip to the middle east. >>> a new report this morning is sounding the alarm on the intelligence community. this morning's "washington post" claims u.s. spy agencies are dropping the ball when it comes to key national security hot spots. the findings came out of a 2012 panel of white house advisors including now defense secretary chuck hagel. agencies like the cia are ignoring places like china and the middle east to instead focus on current military operations and drone strikes. advisors say operations have been side lined by more than a decade of conflict dating back to just after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. the white house has not commented publicly on the report but recent remarks from some top officials suggest they share the panel's concerns. >>> north korea issues a new threat to the united states. the country says they will waste no time attacking american military bases in japan and on the island nation of guam if they're provoked. those threats come a day after the leader ran a m
trip of his second term, president obama today reassured israelis of his commitment to the nation and renewed warnings to iran and syria. we begin our coverage with a report from margaret warner who is on the ground there. >> warner: it was all sunshine and smiles as the president arrived on a sparkling day outside tel aviv. his tense, occasionally stormy relationship with prime minister netanyahu momentarily set aside as he began his first presidential visit to israel. >> good to see you. it's wonderful to be here. >> warner: the apparent goodwill led to a moment of levity about a deadly-serious issue that tops the agenda here-- the u.s. and israel's differing views on how to confront iran's advancing nuclear program, and what should be the trigger for military action against it. >> you hear about red lines all the time, right? >> bibi's always talking about redlines. this is all a psychological ploy! >> this was minutely planned! >> warner: netanyahu famously set his redline for action against iran's progress toward a bomb at the u.n. last fall. iran maintains its nuclear prog
. president obama visiting a high-tech conference during thinks trip to jerusalem today. he met two americans who were recently paralyzed, but now they're walking again with the aid of awe new israeli technology which is called rewalk. it helps restore leg function to people who have lost it. and that technology helps paralysis victims get up, stand, walk and sit again. >>> boeing will run two flights -- flight tests,sts, th is, of its revamped 787 battery system maybe as soon as tomorrow. those tests would mark another step towards boeing's goal to service in just a matter of weeks. the stock is up 13% this year, it's 1%, though, in today's trading day. ty, up to you. >>> they may be practical, but they have never been cool. some people i know would never be caught driving one, the great minivan. but now an answer may be coming to the surface to satisfy the need for convenience and style and roominess, family-friendly car. phil lebeau who just admitted that he did once drive a minivan. >> absolutely. are you saying i'm not cool, tiler? are you saying i'm not cool? >> i'm not saying. >> we'll
officials in releasing palestinian prisoners being held currently in israeli jails and then president obama after his trip to gentlemramallah will se. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. we may get a glimpse on what the obama administration has in store when it comes to both israeli and palestinian officials, richard. >> at least now from the pictures, atia, showing a visible simpatico. thank you. >>> new report this morning is sounding the alarm on the intelligence community. this morning's "the washington post" claims u.s. spy agencies are reportedly dropping the ball when it comes to key national security hot spots. now, these findings came out a 2012 panel of white house advisers including now defense secretary chuck hagel. "the post" saying agencies like the cia are ignoring places like china and the middle east to instead focus on current military operations and drone strikes. authorities say operations have been side-lined dating back more than a decade of conflict. the white house has not commented publicly on the report but recent remarks from top officials suggest t
. the immigration debate and president obama's trip to israel. joining us now from washington our inside guys carl cameron and james rosen. rosen, tell me something i don't know about the president's visit to israel today. >> well, here's some stuff, bill, that you won't see on any of the newscasts when president obama touched down on israeli soil for the first time as president. his opening remarks to the israeli president prime minister were that, quote: it's good to get away from the congress. he then introduces his deputy national security advisor for strategic communications ben rhodes and says if i say anything offensive it's because of this guy and then the president notes that ben rhodes' brother is david rhodes, the former fox news executive who is now president of cbs news to which all of which president prime minister netanyahu says this sounds like a very incestuous relationship. those are just some the background details. the important points were in the news conference that the two leaders had, president obama and prime minister netanyahu where the president said there is is not a lo
of rockets that came from gaza was tied to president obama's trip to israel and the west bank earlier today. bill: you wonder what has been said even out of gaza or hamas. what are they trying it say to this, conor? >> reporter: bill it is clear. we don't know if it was hamas or islamic jihad but this is the palestinians in gaza saying don't forget about us. we're part of the equation. president obama is meeting with israeli leaders and the palestinian authority leaders in the west bank. they're not meeting with hamas or other groups from gaza. so it is clear this is probably a palestinian effort from gaza to say, hey, we're here, we're part of the equation, don't forget about us but of course gaza doesn't want to meet with u.s. and israeli officials. they're not even on speaking terms with the palestinian authority right now. it is not clear what they want other than to scare the world with these rocket attacks. bill: sometimes this is a daily occurrence. has it been that way lately, conor? >> reporter: the ceasefire has actually held for the last four months. there was one rocket attack i
. president obama making his first trip to israel holding a news conference this morning saying he is prepared to do what is necessary to stop a nuclear iran. does that include backing a nuclear attack? john bolton coming to us this morning. i took the day off yesterday, met a lot of people who watch this program, clearly one news item had hit home. the proposal to seize private bank accounts in cyprus. many viewers are worried something similar could happen here. i don't think it will, but there's a new development today that will make you worry all over again. here's my take on the nationalization of private pension money in cyprus. that is the proposal being discussed right now in cyprus. an attempt to grab whatever private cash the government can get its hands on. go after pension money and they don't have to deal with the russian mob or all of those pesky deposit insurance rules and this president, argentina did something similar a couple of years ago. massive unpayable debt is changing the understanding of what is yours and what is the government's. in extreme situations politicians are
from president obama's middle east trip. hours before he arrived in israel, his massive nine ton armored limo broke down. the beast as the car is known, had to be towed to a garage after mechanical failure. not sure how you replace a vehicle with eight inch thick steel doors but the secret service did. they bring multiple vehicles and even the mechanic on the trips just in case. and quite a way to say thank you, president obama brought a magnolia church to shimon perez. but as soon as president obama left, the israelis dug it up. the tree was sent off for pesticide testing. foreign plants have to undergo a series of checks. according to reports, the tests could take months. i think they may want to have done their home work and figured that out before. last month a hacker got ahold of some of george w. bush personal e-mail revealing the 43rd president's hidden hobby, oil painting. let me know if i'm too loud. here are some self portraits showing bush in the shower and one of the former president soaking in a bathtub. the hobby is more like a talent. the hacker revealed more photo
historic trip to israel ending the dinner with an estate dinner with perez. perez awarded president obama the distinction of the highest civilian award and a ceremony president obama proposed a toast. using the relaxed humor he's displayed throughout the trip. >> since i've started to get pretty good at hebrew, let me propose a toast, even though you've taken away my wine. so a toast -- [ speaking
'll know if president obama's trip was a success or kind of a waste of time? >> reporter: could actually be a couple weeks and maybe even longer than that. it's true, what prime minister netanyahu said about preconditions, about what he's prepared to do, what he's prepared to give away is more important than anything we've heard in public. the same. did president abbas say he's worked something out with hamas, where maybe he can get some progress made, we don't know. we're not in the private meeting. and we won't know that at least for some time. secretary of state kerry will stay behind. everybody believes if you tried to force the parties back to the table tomorrow, it would be counterproductive. you have to do some preliminary work first. so let's check back in two weeks, maybe two months. if there's no peace process in a month or two, carol, you could say the president failed, at least in the short-term. but don't expect something by tomorrow or in the very near future. >> i don't think anyone does, john. you don't have to worry about that. thank you so much, john king, reporting liv
. @%pplause] lou: president obama speaking to students in jerusalem today shortly after a trip to the west bank with joint press conference or a joint press conference with palestinian president where he urged the palestine national authority come back to the bargaining table. president obama insisted both sides is our peas and both sides will need to make concessions for any sort of lasting peace to exist in suggesting the framework of the deal is already before them. >> if we can get direct negotiations started again i believe that the shape of a potential deal is there. lou: president obama recognizing the obstacles in the way of any 2-state solution, asking both nations not to fall back on all political positions and demands and to face the reality that some tough compromises have to be made by both parties. >> i think it is difficult, frankly, because sometimes even though we know what compromises have to be made in order to achieve these, is hard to admit that those compromises need to be made. as a politician like it's a desire for political leaders to get too far ahead of your cons
middle east trip as reported from the washington d.c. news room. president obama just spoke along palestinian leaders >>> president obama there with the palestinian president and that he is very serious about ending division with israel. he is meeting with other leaders today with the goal of restarting peace talks with israel. expectations are still low for any type of breakthrough. president obama wants to hear from both sides and met yesterday with israel's president and prime minister. president obama says there needs to be compromise and a two- state solution >> i continue to believe that it is our best and indeed some only chance to achieve the kinds of peaceful resolution of old conflicts but the opening up of new opportunities for peoples on both sides. >>> earlier today, israeli police say that militants fired rockets at southern israel. hundreds of palestinians protested against american policies they burned flags from each country and a picture of president obama. we'll hear more from president obama, it wrapped up moments ago. live in washington, ktvu. >>> the woman ac
's an easier choice than ever. ♪ ♪ shop at ♪ ♪ >>> as we told you earlier, president obama is on his first trip to israel since he took office. this visit came with a little car trouble. a presidential limb moe shipped from washington, d.c. had to be towed after it wasn't start. the president hadn't arrived yet. it was originally reported that the wrong type of fuel was used. the secret service is denying that. agents ended up using a backup instead. the president's itinerary was not affected. >>> an east bay business owner is facing 57 felony charges. he's accused of stealing workers pay and then lying about it. the trivalley times report claims that show calvin harris made about $400,000 by paying his employees less than what he told the government. the report says harris is free on his own recogny sans. >>> the airline with the most boeing dreamliners is reportedly making a new monday. they want boeing to compensate it. the airline hasn't disclosed how much the grounding has cost it. during the last two weeks of january it was losi
president obama is making his first trip over to israel since being elected president. this is day two. he is holding a joint president conference with mahmoud abbas. we will keep you posted. >>> to baseball, former giant, ryan theriot is explaining why he is not at spring trarning in arizona. he says he doesn't want to be anybody's backup. the giants have marco scutaro locked into a long-term deal at second base, which is the position theriot placed. he says he will only play if he is the number one guy. if there are no options, he is happy being a full-time dad and maybe a player agent. we will keep our eyes on this one. >>> speaking of the world champion giants, it continues the victory tour and it will be in san mateo and city hall starting at 1:00. a chance to get out and have your photo snapped. it makes a cool christmas card. the giants trophy will tour the bay area until opening day, april 5th. >>> it is 4:55. the man who first created michelle obama's well-known inauguration ball gown using the bay area to show off his 2013 collection. jason wu hosting a run ray show tonight at sa
obama's 3-day trip to the holy land the void of plan for peace between israel and the palestinians. the nobel peace prize winner and chose to use his first day on his first official trip to israel to bang the drum is a war coming directly warning the regime in syria to avoid the use of chemical weapons. the comments reverberating around the globe and here at home. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: talking tough in his first public comments on that reports that chemical weapons in the news in syria, president obama about the regime will be held accountable. >> when you start seeing weapons that can cause potential devastation and mass casualties and you let that genie out of the bottle, then you are looking potentially add even more horrific scenes than we have already seen in syria and the international community has to act on that additional a permission. >> the president spoke at a news conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is worried serious chemical weapons could wind up in the hands of terrorists or anti isr
important speech that the obama administration thinks that the president will give here during this trip and that is a speech to the israeli public university students because the president simply wants to improve his own personal ratings here. if he has better ratings here in israel, he can influence the peace process a lot more effectively in the way that bill clinton was able to do in the '90s. >> now, chuck, i would be remiss if -- there was a light-hearted moment in that netanyahu/president obama press conference yesterday that did involve you. let's play it and we'll come back and talk about it. >> reporter: so i've heard. >> thank you, mr. president, mr. prime minister. mr. president, i want to follow up a little bit on the peace process. mr. prime minister, i want to help out my colleague over here and then a question -- another question i had for you is -- >> chuck, how many you got? you see how the young lady from channel 1, she had one question. she was very well behaved, chuck? >> i've got one for you. >> these are -- >> passover starts in a couple days. i get four questions,
"starting point," two rockets land in israel during president obama's historic trip there. we're live in the west bank as the president is moechlts away now from a live news conference with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. we will bring that to you live. >>> manhunt happening for the person who gunned down the head of colorado's prison systems. police in desperate search for a car and a witness who may have some answers. >>> more rattling from north korea last night wit the threat that u.s. bases are within, quote, striking distance of their country. >>> and the heat just on fire. down by double digits late in the game. they rally to keep the winning streak alive. 24 games and counting. will it ever stop? >> wow! good morning. it's thursday, march 21st. "starting point" begins right now. >>> good morning again. our "starting point," president obama in the west bank with face-t face-t face-to-face with world leaders. the press conference is scheduled to start in a few minutes from now. >> the visit underscored by an early morning rocket attack in southern israel. two rockets fired
. president obama's historic trip to israel. the president has seemed to won over many skeptical israelis and they may have real political consequences back here. >> sarah palin is back, or was that tina fey with james lipton. >> same-sex marriage, what is your view on that? >> well, the bible says it's gross. a lot of the amazing people that i met in the audience of "dancing with the stars" seems to feel that way. >> right. >> but no. >> that might just be the best political impression ever. this is "hardball," a place for politics. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. [ dennis ] allstate wants e
mobile home park and knocked down later. no one was inside the mobile home. >>> president obama is continuing his 4 day trip to the mid-east with a visit to the west bank today to focus on restarting stalled peace talks. he met with the palestinian president and later spoke at a joint news conference. mr.obama said the palestinians deserve an independent state and said they have an obligation to work for peace. >> i have returned to the west bank because the united states is deeply committed to the creation of an independent and sovereign state of palestine. the palestinian people deserve an end to occupation and the daily indignities that come with it. >> one sticking point to the peace process is the continued building of israeli settlements in the west bank. mr.obama says he told the israeli prime minister the settlements do not advance the cause of peace but he did not say as he has in the past that those settlements must be stopped. the president also spoke to college students in jerusalem, stressing that israel must make peace with the palestinians. >> the only way for isr
. >>> president obama is in israel after a first day of a three day visit. this is the president's first trip to the region since he took office. this began with this tour. mr. obama had separate meetings with israeli president and israeli prime minister. >> america's support for israel security is unprecedented. >> israel remains committed to peace and the solution of two states. >> president obama met with him at the prime minister's private residence. focusing on peace between israelis and palestinians along with preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >>> president obama also spoke today about the situation in syria saying he is skeptical of claims by the government that rebel forces have used chemical weapons. they've ause caused each other of using such weapons yesterday. 31 people died in the most recent fighting. president obama says the u.s. is investigating to see if any chemical weapons were used. >>> the federal reserve said stimulus is still needed. the economy has become stronger after a pause late last year. more needs to be done. he says as long as inflation remains
what he says tomorrow to the people because that is how the obama administration is framing this trip. not as a diplomatic coup, but really as a person-to-person mission. israelis just don't know him. you know-- >> john: especially netanyahu's brother, apparently, who said some very unkind things about the president's stand toward israel. >> well, i think there is suspicion. much of that is based on because there has not been that much of this kind of contact. in 2009 the president went to kay row and gave an amazing speech there and traveled the middle east, but many israelis felt neglected. now he's taking care of that. >> and we know the palestinians feel neglected as well. maysoon let me ask you. we all have high hopes where the president hopes to reignite talk of a two-state solution. but give the amount of settlements has a two-state solution just become a pipe dream. >> first of all i think it's interesting how they're framing the itinerary for the president tomorrow. he's going to speak with the palestinian leadership, and then he's going to give a speech to the israelis. as i
. >>> president obama is in the west bank this morning, he's continuing his middle east trip and meeting with palestinian leaders. from the washington d.c. news room, the goal of today's meeting is to spark the peace talks. >>> dave, expectations are low for any sort of breakthrough, authority says he wants to end a vision with israel. they owned a joint press conference. he focused on the palestinian and israeli students saying they had a lot to offer the region but that the conflict is holding them back. president obama wants both sides to take a leap of faith together and thinks that palestinians and israelis alike can let go of the past. >>> if we can get direct negotiations started again, i believe that the shape of a potential deal is there. >> president obama met yesterday with israel's president as well as prime minister, he says that israel is committed to a two-state solution, what they had to say about the involvement. >>> employees at the one of the nation's biggest chains must report weight to the insurance carrier or face a fine. they have to report the blood pressure level
now at 6:45, president obama is in the west bank this morning it's part of the middle east trip. the president met with the palestinian president, the two held this joint news conference. president obama says he believes that middle east peace with two states is possible but that it will be hard to achieve. back here at home in san francisco, about 163 people still have no electricity in the bay view district. the power outage started when about 3500 customers lost their power. pg and e is still out there and say they should be able to fix the problem and still not sure what caused the problem >>> last night an elderly couple was hit crossing the street in san francisco. while the elderly man is okay, the woman suffered critical injuries, the driver stopped and has been co-op rating with police >>> students will be met with extra security, paul chambers is there on campus with what police are saying about the threat that sparked the extra security. >> good morning. this is all a result of a cryptic message that said it was a threat aga
's nuclear threats to syria's chemical weapons. president obama has a full plate as he begins his first trip to israel since taking office. plus: i have great news south comcast is boosting their internet speed. anybody who uses comcast can experience these faster speeds for free. you just need to do one thing. coming up. . >> jacqueline: coming up on the stormtracker 4 radar. some returns but a bit of some drizzle that and foggy conditions. now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. controversial new ads coming to muni busses. with a message warning gays that muslims are homophobic. the ads will be placed on the sides of several muni buses and will go through town on different routes for the four weeks they will be in circulation. the city says the messages are protected by the bill of rights. >> tonight, police are looking for the head coach of a traveling bay area baseball team. he's suspected of molesting one teenaged boy. and secretly filming another in a bathroom. a 300-thousand dollar arrest warrant has been issued for 52-year-old joel kaufman of orinda. police say there may b
spending by president obama. he said his trip to india would cost money. the massively inflated figure obama used, or rather michelle did, originally anonymous source in mumbai and totally discredited. >>> next, when you hear that web members of the westboro church is going to show up at a church, they are not welcome. the group is united in the belief that god, god, hates gays. and they go around to events like military funerals attempting to spread their message. anyway, when the house across the street from the church, their church in topeka, kansas, went up for sale last year, one person saw an opportunity and bought the place. take a look at the new paint job. there you have it. the individual who bought the home across the westboro baptist church is home of the group called planting peace. newest headquarters is a statement, isn't it, of gay pride. they've got to look at that across the street now. >>> up next, how big a problem is racism in the tea party? we talk to filmmaker behind a new documentary called "black tea" about why some african-americans joined the tea party. this
in both israel and the united states had obama made this trip and adopted this approach at the beginning of his presidency. why could you think do have we think he did not reach out this way sooner? >> he is there. he did go there. he went before he was president. this has been one of the most pro israeli/american president that's have ever existed. this ten-year security pact that has been signed with the israelis is another reinforcement of that. i think what happened, what has happened in this visit, first, you have to ensure your base. that personal relationship has to be strengthened and i think that has taken place. now the next step is can this produce some results? that means an israeli/palestinian peace process. i'm not as pessimistic. i think you secretary kerry really wanted to do this. he will stay behind and push for this. but you're right. if settlements happen in the next few days or months, that's not going to help. but again, what we need is american leadership. brokering a peace. >> let's talk about the settlements. i don't mean to cut you off. the president in ramallah
on. >>> a state traditionally takes pride in gun ownership. >>> president obama is in israel after a first day of a three day visit. this is the president's first trip to the region since he took office. this began with this tour. mr. obama had separate meetings with israeli president and israeli prime minister. >> america's support for israel security is unprecedented. >> israel remains committed to peace and the solution of two states. >> president obama met with him at the prime minister's private residence. focusing on peace between israelis and palestinians along with preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >>> president obama also spoke today about the situation in syria saying he is skeptical of claims by the government that rebel forces have used chemical weapons. they've ause caused each other of using such weapons yesterday. 31 people died in the most recent fighting. president obama says the u.s. is investigating to see if any chemical weapons were used. >>> the federal reserve said stimulus is still needed. the econom
to keep the community. >> that could be a way to gently prod mr. obama to follow up on the talk with action. just as prime minister benjamin netanyahu appeared to do earlier on this trip. >> i'm absolutely convinced that the president determined to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. i appreciate that. >> it comes at a time when the stakes could not be any higher. with iran supreme leader today threatening to wipe two israeli cities off the map. if israel attacks first. >> they should know if they make this mistake, the islamic republic will raise tel aviv and haifa to the ground. >> israel was facing new threats from palestinian extremists, with four rockets raining down on the city. where mr. obama visited as a candidate in 2008. the roberts were fired from the hamas -- the rockets were fired from the hamas-controlled gaza strip, hours before mr. obama headed to the west bank to visit with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. yet on a trip that started with white house officials trying hard to lower expectations, mr. obama appeared to raise them. by suggesting that both
the search throughout this night. >>> now we turn overseas because right now president obama is in israel, his first trip there as president, and this is the message he is sending. the united states will stand with israel to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. abc's jonathan karl in jerusalem. >> reporter: the president arrived in israel in a good mood -- an open mike capturing his banter with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> it's good to be away from congress. >> reporter: he was even joking about red lines. >> you are following the red lines? >> reporter: but the issue couldn't be more serious. the real red line is the one netanyahu talked about at the united nations last fall. >> a red line should be drawn right here. >> reporter: the point where iran must be attacked or it will be able to build a nuclear bomb. a red line israelis believe could be crossed within months. the issue has front and center here today in all of the president's meetings. >> diplomacy and sanctions have so far not stopped iran's nuclear program. in order to stop iran's nuclear programs peac
demanding his release. before his middle east trip, president obama was asked about pollard in an interview with israel's channel 2. >> this is an individual who committed a very serious crime here in the united states. he's been serving his time. i have no plans for, you know, releasing jonathan pollard immediately. but what i am going to be doing is to make sure that he, like every other american who has been sentenced, is, you know, accorded the same kinds of review. >> this is the story i've covered from day one. in 1989 i even wrote a book about it, "territory of lies." jonathan pollard was a civilian analyst for u.s. naval intelligence with access to some of this country's most important secrets. he started passing some of those secrets to an israeli operative, receiving monthly cash payments. in 1985 he was questioned about the removal of classified documents and was placed under surveillance, but pollard and his then wife anne were arrested after trying and failing to gain entrance to the israeli embassy in washington. pollard made an agreement with prosecutors. he pleaded guilty to
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